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  • Keyboard with manual or automatic operation function
  • Build-in EMC filter (C3): 0,75~30kW; 110~500kW standard, 37~55kW optional, 75~90kW meets non-filter standards
  • Build-in DC reactor (37~500kW)
  • Communication modules (RS-485, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus-RTU, Metasys N2, optional LonWorks)
  • Program Software DriveView7 (USB or Ethernet connection)
  • Functions for soft starting and stopping of pumps
  • Multiple pump control up to +5
  • RTC (Real Time Clock) module and schedule optio
  • Flow compensation
  • Fire Mode
  • Energy saving counter
  • Detection of damaged pipes
  • Function of pre-heating the engines
  • KEB (Kinetic Energy Med-Charge)
  • Macro functions

R, S, T: Power connection
U, V, W: Connection of Electric Motor
P1(+), P2 (+): DC Choke connection. If not in use, the terminals are short-circuited (H100 to 30kW applicable)
P2(+), B: Brake resistor connection (valid for H100 to 30 kW)
P2(+), N (-): DC Bus input
P3(+), N(-): Connection of brake unit (valid for H100 from 37 kW)




Program Software